A Little About CCMG

Several years ago, we saw continuing issues in the insurance industry that made it hard for property owners and managers to successfully resolve large claims. They began with the overly complicated nature of navigating insurance claims. Then, once work began, a lack of oversight and comprehensive planning and strategy led to substandard construction and longer times for completion. We knew that there had to be a better way.


We set about to find the best construction manager to bring a superior process to reconstruction and repair. We aligned that new approach with a combined 30 years of claims expertise to uncomplicate and maximize each client’s results. Now we deliver an entirely new level of service to each project. We made the process easier to follow, removed the guesswork, in order to provide superior work with zero impact on the client’s budget.

CCMG’s new approach holds our contractors to a higher standard across all trades. Our dedicated oversite results in better work, safer job sites, and accelerated timelines. We discovered that the best contractors loved working with us. They value the same things we do—quality, safety, service, and a job well done.

This approach means property managers can focus on the day to day management of the property. Property owners can maintain the standard of construction, and even raise the value of their property after a claim. They enjoy the confidence of verified and certified work on all levels of a claim, which saves time and revenue.


We’ve dealt with the fallout from contractors who cut corners and make cosmetic repairs. And, we have seen unprofessional workers leave the insured parties more exposed and worse off than before the incident. As a result, we crafted a unique process to eliminate that risk for CCMG clients.

Our team personally vets every contractor and inspects all work, making sure every step meets our rigorous standards. We became the valued partners and advocates property owners were always seeking. We created a team of insurance and construction experts that maintains our clients’ best interests delivering superior service and results across the board.

And our client-focused process means that we can join forces with any contractor anywhere in the country. If you have someone you’ve worked with and they meet our standards, we’re happy to add them to the team. Our focus is on the process and delivering the best possible results for each property we oversee in less time and with zero additional expenses to the client.

The CCMG Team


Scott Benglen

Scott is the founder and managing partner of CCMG, LLC. Scott began advocating for policyholders in 2004, subrogating health care insurance claims. Shortly after 2010, seeing that the Affordable Healthcare Act would slowly erode the subrogation business, Scott switched to representing property owners fighting their insurance carriers on property damage claims. In 2012, Scott began representing HOA’s and large loss commercial properties, since then he’s successfully settled over $200,000,000 in claims for his clients without a single claim vacated, overturned of overruled.


Clark Lodge

Clark is the founder and managing partner of Claims and Construction Management Group. Starting in 2009 as a catastrophe insurance claims adjuster, he traveled the U.S., helping insured settle claims representing insurance carriers. Clark cut his teeth working major hurricanes, such as Irene and Sandy. He quickly realized that property owners needed an advocate in the complex claims process. In 2011, Clark left the insurance claims side to start representing insureds and became licensed as a public adjuster, appraiser, and umpire.

Because Clark is well versed in the multiple facets of this industry, he presents a well rounded and concise approach, unlike any other claims solution company on the market. Clarks has settled claims on everything from residential to large HOA and commercial properties, working on peril such as hail, wind, fire, smoke, water damage from a pipe burst, construction defect, and even a car driving through a house. As a certified public adjuster, he is trained in identifying damages across properties no matter the scenario (i.e., sloped or flat roofs, windows, siding, HVAC systems, etc.) With his expert experience and understanding of the policy language and proper indemnification, Clark can work through the most complex property losses, expertly finding the hidden value in your policy.


Brandon “Shaggy” Neahusan

Shaggy is a licensed Class B General Contractor. He has been in Construction Management his entire career starting with a Design/Build and Construction Management firm out of West Michigan. There, he built schools, hospitals, luxury condominiums, retail facilities, and hotels throughout the Midwest and Western Regions, providing on-site management of projects from $30M to $45M+.

After 12 years in the private sector, Shaggy moved on to a Construction Program Management position with Lockheed Martin supporting the United States Antarctic Program for the National Science Foundation. In this capacity, he completed construction of the Amundsen Scott South Pole Station ($40M), managed the design, procurement, and installation of several deep field and helicopter supported remote scientific facilities ($84M). In Antarctica, Shaggy led the McMurdo Station AIMS program, which master-planned, designed, gained congressional funding approval, and put the portfolio under construction. The McMurdo renovation is the most significant logistical, infrastructure, and capital improvement undertaking in the history of Antarctica ($410M). After 24 years of traveling both internationally and domestically, Shaggy accepted the position of VP of Construction for CCMG, where he oversees programmatic safety, 3rd party oversight of subcontracted work, QA/QC program, project closeout, and completion documentation.

He is an avid fly fisherman, a mediocre campfire guitarist, and spends many days afield chasing pheasants and Chukars with his two Vizsla bird dogs, Finn and Maddy Lou.