Cedarwood Community Information Page

Current Restoration Schedule

Building 1
(units 589-599) week of July 4th

Building 2
(units 569-579) week of July 11th

Building 3
(units 549-601) week of July 18th

Building 4
(units 611-631) anytime we can schedule July 4- July 18th weeks

Building 4 units will be scheduled throughout the three weeks of buildings 1-3.  The week of July 25th will be used as a clean up week for units that had to be skipped.  We are hoping to be completed by July 27th.

The CCMG team will be calling owners starting with building 1 on Tuesday June 28th  to start scheduling. If you have a unit with popcorn ceilings you want removed, plan on the process taking all of the week you are scheduled, Monday through Saturday.  If you do not have popcorn ceilings plan on the cleaning to take 2 to 2.5 days.  Non-popcorn ceilings will be started on Monday’s or Thursdays of the week you are scheduled.

Important Notices

Notice: When emailing CCMG please include your unit number in the subject section of the email.


Please forward all email communications through cedarwood@ccmgpro.com