Questions to ask

Most Insurance support and construction companies have a “Frequently Asked Questions” page. We think there are some important questions that rarely get asked, they may be awkward or simply unknown. So, we’re starting with those.

We get this question all the time. It makes sense; if our role is to maximize the results of your insurance claim, how does another team’s presence not impact the budget?

There are two answers. First, with the increased settlement we can provide, the funds available for the repairs grow. Second, we always find significant cost savings in material and labor while improving the quality of both. Through our unique process, we find there is room for our team, for the contractors, and for superior materials to leave our client’s buildings in a better state than ever before. 

Insurance companies require oversight, especially on multimillion-dollar claims. Most contractors assume they can “oversee” themselves. That’s a little like trusting your teenager with the house for a week.

CCMG is uniquely qualified to fill the oversight role in your insurance restoration project. We combine over 30 years of insurance adjustment expertise with international construction experience under a Class B licensed expert. With our experience and team’s oversight, everyone benefits. Our clients see bigger claims, faster construction schedules, and higher standards of work throughout — with no additional cost to them.

Our mission is to make sure our teams do every step correctly. We don’t make money if a contractor does a lousy job. Where many contractors make more money by cutting corners and even reusing materials, we succeed by making sure we complete your restoration right. It proves that there are indeed win-win scenarios for everyone.

It’s in our best interest for our teams to do things right. It’s to the insurance company’s advantage as well for your restoration to be better than it was before. Your insurer knows that substandard work will mean more claims later, costing them more.

CCMG serves as an advocate for you, the HOA, Property Owner, or Property Manager. We oversee and manage contractors, but we don't have an in-house team to which we give preference. 

If another contractor, tradesperson, or team is already familiar with your property, we'd like to meet them. If they are willing to work with CCMG's rigorous safety and construction standards, we would love to work with them. As far as we're concerned, the more high-quality teams we know, the faster and better we can serve our clients and finish your project. 

That's not a problem at all — you're in good company. We bring over 30 years of insurance underwriting experience to every project. This means we will thoroughly examine your policy and find the things most people (even experts) miss. 

You can see a few of our recent findings here, we list the initial claim by a property owner or contractor and the amount we were able to secure for our clients. We are always able to find hidden value in the details of your policy that translate directly to higher quality materials and finishes for your restoration. 

That one is easy. We show you. A key part of our process is to walk you step by step through the entire process. We show you what was damaged, the state of structures below the surface, and the state of your original construction. 

When we are ready to rebuild, we show you what we will be using, why it is as good or (usually) better, and how we will proceed, and how we will meet or exceed current standards. If you have any questions along the way, our team is on call to help. 

Please know this, we will seize every opportunity to improve the standard of construction for all repairs. This includes the process as well as the materials we use. We're successful when we leave a job significantly better than it was before the incident. 

With CCMG in an oversight role, your time requirements will almost disappear. We will oversee every stage of your project from claims adjustment to final project closeout. 

With our teams coordinating each crew and specific trade, we are able to significantly compress the normal reconstruction timeline. We can have different crews supporting each other or working simultaneously without the normal headache of scheduling and waiting for one crew to finish for the other to start. 

Our budgeting process has been designed over years of successful projects. We know the materials we need and the current market prices. We find that with proper research and planning, there are very few surprises when it comes to labor and material costs. 

CCMG enters each project with the goal of protecting, providing guidance, and support for our clients. We become your advocate in the process and assume a fiduciary role in regards to your budget.

CCMG enjoys excellent relationships with Property Owners, Property Managers, and HOA Boards because we become their advocate. We deliver the best results within the highest possible claim without any money out of pocket for our clients.  

Our mission is to put the balance of power back into the owner’s hands. We eliminate the confusion that can keep Property Owners from realizing the full amount due them in an insurance claim. They simply don’t know what they don’t know. CCMG becomes your advocate with your insurance provider, bringing the expertise to maximize the claim and negotiate the best possible settlement.

Do you have more questions for us? We are here to answer

Scott Benglen

Founder and managing partner

Clark Lodge

Founder and managing partner