Claims & Construction Management Group

Finally, a partner you can trust for the claim and construction process.

CCMG acts as a unique and proactive advocate on your behalf to ensure the highest quality service step by step, from negotiating the insurance settlement through construction and the project closeout process.

Get The Maximum Claim

Most property owners and managers haven't made the time to examine their insurance policies in detail. We, on the other hand, love to discover every advantage that's hidden inside. We bring over 30 years of combined insider experience to help you receive the maximum possible value from your claim. Contractors will often claim to know how to get a larger settlement, but few, if any, have spent years negotiating on their client's behalf.

The clear benefit to you is not only a higher settlement, but one that even the insurance company believes is fair. Negotiating from the details of your policy makes them happy and brings them to your side in your settlement. We've found it doesn't have to be adversarial for you to receive more than you ever thought was possible.

Good Enough, Has Never Been Good Enough

Our rigorous standards found their start in the unforgiving cold of Antarctica, one of the harshest climates in the world. There, our general contractor worked for over a decade, leading the teams who design and build the most technologically advanced buildings in the world. The demanding polar environment laid the groundwork for the procedures we use today. Those challenges also honed an attention to detail that can mean the difference between success and catastrophe on a job site. The environment here may not be as harsh as where we started, but our standards remain the same.

Every contractor working on a CCMG project goes through a review process. They must meet or exceed our quality standards to be on the job site. The contractors we work with are best in class, and each must employ our model of safety, supervision, and excellence, which deliver outstanding results for our clients. We ensure a safe environment for all of our contractors, meeting all OSHA standards, and keeping everyone in top form. Over the years, we've built great relationships with the best trades providers in the region and precisely choose our crews to deliver the service your project requires.

Our Recent HOA's

We Monitor Every Step Through Final Closeout

Our Project Closeout Process provides everything needed to ensure a long and full life for everything that has been updated. Each closeout information packet includes the following: product data including maintenance and operations information for all materials used on the project, collated and signed off municipal permit and final inspection documentation, warranties—both workmanship and manufacturer’s, signed off punch lists, corrective action items list, and finally, a list of types and quantities of spare material.

CCMG Recent Projects

Our goal at the start of all of our projects is to get the greatest amount of repair work at the highest possible quality out of the claim proceeds. By working vetted contractors and overseeing every stage of the reconstruction we are able to guarantee the best results possible for our clients in less time and with no money out of pocket for them.

La Scala, Colorado Springs

Gold Run, Boulder

1767 Pearl Street, Denver

Mayhurst HOA Makeover

The Simple CCMG Claim Process

Take a few moments to review and understand CCMG’s unique proactive role and why having a comprehensive team of claim professionals working with your association is so critical. We go into more depth on Our Process page.

Forward your association(s), their addresses, and policy renewals to CCMG for review, assessment, and monitoring. We become your inside advocate to ensure the greatest results for any claim based on your policies. 

CCMG will review all pertinent policy provisions and outline all necessary HOA issues including levels of special assessment coverage. CCMG will evaluate the community exteriors (underwrite) and provide a full report to the manager and BOD. This protects you should any incidents occur and provides critical information to your insurance carriers.

CCMG will monitor your properties for damaging events, in case of an event, CCMG will immediately notify the manager and coordinate next steps. We will be with you through the entire process, start to finish.

For HOAs with an active claim or pending claim. CCMG will evaluate the damages and all current estimates, evaluate the policy and deductible, and recommend the appropriate course of action. With over 30 years of experience negotiating successful claims, our team consistently delivers the maximum amount for your incident.

For HOAs that have a potentially insurable incident, our team will evaluate the damages, evaluate the policy and deductible and formulate the appropriate course of action. Because our role is to be your advocate and provide oversight for the restoration process, our recommendations carry profound weight with your insurance provider. You can send preliminary information to us online here.

The CCMG Approach

CCMG provides decades of experience in policy review and adjusting, construction management, and project management and oversight to advocate for property owners and managers covered from policy review through construction. The CCMG approach lets contractors focus on delivering the highest quality results safer and faster than any other process so you can get back to business better than before. Eliminate the headaches from navigating policy details. Feel confident that your property is covered before an incident happens and will be dealt with in the fastest and most comprehensive manner if an incident occurs.

Your Expert Claims Team

Scott Benglen

Founder and managing partner

Clark Lodge

Founder and managing partner

Tanya Morrison

Claim Manager

Spencer Shaw

General Contractor

Where it all began..

The Beginning

Scott and Clark both launch consumer-focused, licensed public adjusting firms in Colorado.


Denver, Colorado

Making Moves

Scott moves his public adjusting firm to only work with HOA's and their management companies on large losses.


Denver, Colorado

Receive the largest appraisal award

Scott's firm receives the largest appraisal award for a Colorado HOA. Provincetown Landing II is awarded $9.125 million for a 2014 loss with their insurance provider.


Denver, Colorado

Resolved 150 Claims

Scott's firm resolves its 150th claim representing homeowners' associations.


Denver, Colorado

Forming Colorado's Largest Professional Claim Management Company

Scott and Clark combine their firms to form CCMG, Colorado’s largest professional claim management company with over $250 million in resolved claims for HOA’s.


Denver, Colorado

Scott Benglen

Founder and managing partner

Scott is the founder and managing partner of CCMG, LLC. Scott began advocating for policyholders in 2004, subrogating health care insurance claims. Shortly after 2010, seeing that the Affordable Healthcare Act would slowly erode the subrogation business, Scott switched to representing property owners fighting their insurance carriers on property damage claims. In 2012, Scott began representing HOA’s and large loss commercial properties, since then he’s successfully settled over $200,000,000 in claims for his clients without a single claim vacated, overturned of overruled.

Clark Lodge

Founder and managing partner

Clark is the founder and managing partner of Claims and Construction Management Group. Starting in 2009 as a catastrophe insurance claims adjuster, he traveled the U.S., helping insured settle claims representing insurance carriers. Clark cut his teeth working major hurricanes, such as Irene and Sandy. He quickly realized that property owners needed an advocate in the complex claims process. In 2011, Clark left the insurance claims side to start representing insureds and became licensed as a public adjuster, appraiser, and umpire.

Tanya Morrison

Claim Manager

Tanya Morrison is the Claim Manager for Claims and Construction Management Group.  She has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry.  17 years of those 20 years were spent as a personal lines and commercial lines property adjuster.  She gained knowledge in damage identification and recognition from several perils including wind, hail, fire, water, vehicle damage, and vandalism.  She has handled complex residential and commercial claims, including those resulting from the wildfires in High Park, Waldo Canyon, Black Forest, East Troublesome, and Marshall.  She has also handled residential claims resulting from various catastrophic events throughout the United States.  

Tanya Morrison is a subject matter expert in regards to Townhome/Condominium policies.  She is proficient in assisting Unit Owners and Association’s throughout the claims process from claim initiation, interpreting individual policy and association documentation, and claims settlement. 

Tanya’s greatest strength and attribute is her customer service.  Her communication and attention to detail allows her to stay in front of the customer’s needs.

Spencer Shaw

ICC Class B General Contractor

Spencer is CCMG’s ICC Class B general contractor who oversees all construction related activities.  Spencer started his career after graduating from the University of Colorado with a large Colorado based GC overseeing municipal and commercial construction.  As CCMG’s director of construction activities Spencer has direct oversight with all subcontractors, designers, engineers and architects.  As a retired professional snowboarder, Spencer loves the Colorado mountain scene and activities