Over the last few years..

CCMG have developed a unique process that sets us apart and serves our clients on a level no one else can match. This client-first framework builds consistent momentum over the course of every project and ensures the highest level of craftsmanship and value for you. It also increases safety for our crews through structure and oversight.

Step one

Thorough Policy Insight

The insurance industry can save money by not paying for the things they have insured, and the average property manager or owner is not an expert at knowing what’s included in a policy or what the insurance company truly owes them when an incident occurs. They often don’t know what they don’t know. We have over 30 years of combined insider expertise to make sure that work is being done in the owner’s best interest.

Our mission is to put the balance of power back into the owner’s hands. (soften for insurance carriers that read this) Don’t know what they don’t know. We become your advocate with your insurance provider, bringing the expertise to maximize the claim and negotiate the best possible settlement

Step two

Step-By-Step Communication

CCMG walks each customer through the entire claims and construction process to make sure they understand each step and how they benefit. We’ve removed the guesswork and added the confidence that only comes from seeing the whole picture. We’re there to hold their hand through it with step by step communication and up to date info. We never leave you guessing what’s happening or what’s next.

Managing multiple contractors can add complications to confusion. That's not something you want, and it's exactly why our communication is designed to keep you in the loop without overloading you with details you may not need. Our claims and construction experts manage the process to condense the timeline and deliver the property restoration you deserve.

Step three

Oversight, Safety, & Inspection

CCMG provides unparalleled oversight for each trade and step of your restoration. Often contractors simply do their best and move on. Our best in class standards mean each contractor meets or exceeds all local standards so you can have confidence in a job done right the first time.

We don’t accept surprises, and neither should you. Each step of your construction process is inspected before completion to provide the peace of mind you need to get back to business. We eliminate any variations across trades with quality standards we developed on defense department contracts in the harshest environments in the world. This means your electrical work, roofing, plumbing, and every other phase of construction meets our standards, or it doesn’t pass.

Step four

Final Closeout

Sometimes the last steps can be tricky. Contractors can simply skip the final documentation, inspections, and details that are needed to successfully close out a project. This leaves you with questions when you need critical documents or to just make a few touchups. The larger the project, the more important this step becomes. When the dust clears, our teams may be done, your site looks better than ever, and residents are already enjoying an updated property, but we know there's still work to do before we call it a day.

Our Project Closeout Process gives you everything you need to ensure a long and full life for everything that has been updated.

Your closeout information packet will include the following: product data including maintenance and operations information for all materials used on the project, collated and signed off municipal permit and final inspection documentation, warranties—both workmanship and manufacturer’s, signed off punch list, corrective action item list, and finally, a list of types and quantities of spare material.

Spare material is the surplus inventory that has been ordered intentionally for your project so, if in the future, repairs need to be made you are assured the dye lots, product type, and sizes are the same as what has already been installed on your project.

Recent Project Results

This is a small sample of recent project results. Contractors can often secure a good settlement with your insurance company. However, nothing comes close to the amount we bring our clients.


Provincetown Landing 3



Hunt Club



Mill Club



Dakota Station



Weaver Creek



Your Expert Claims Team

Scott Benglen

Founder and managing partner

Clark Lodge

Founder and managing partner

Tanya Morrison

Claim Manager

Spencer Shaw

ICC Class B General Contractor

Scott Benglen

Founder and managing partner

Scott is the founder and managing partner of CCMG, LLC. Scott began advocating for policyholders in 2004, subrogating health care insurance claims. Shortly after 2010, seeing that the Affordable Healthcare Act would slowly erode the subrogation business, Scott switched to representing property owners fighting their insurance carriers on property damage claims. In 2012, Scott began representing HOA’s and large loss commercial properties, since then he’s successfully settled over $200,000,000 in claims for his clients without a single claim vacated, overturned of overruled.

Clark Lodge

Founder and managing partner

Clark is the founder and managing partner of Claims and Construction Management Group. Starting in 2009 as a catastrophe insurance claims adjuster, he traveled the U.S., helping insured settle claims representing insurance carriers. Clark cut his teeth working major hurricanes, such as Irene and Sandy. He quickly realized that property owners needed an advocate in the complex claims process. In 2011, Clark left the insurance claims side to start representing insureds and became licensed as a public adjuster, appraiser, and umpire.

Tanya Morrison

Claim Manager

Tanya Morrison is the Claim Manager for Claims and Construction Management Group.  She has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry.  17 years of those 20 years were spent as a personal lines and commercial lines property adjuster.  She gained knowledge in damage identification and recognition from several perils including wind, hail, fire, water, vehicle damage, and vandalism.  She has handled complex residential and commercial claims, including those resulting from the wildfires in High Park, Waldo Canyon, Black Forest, East Troublesome, and Marshall.  She has also handled residential claims resulting from various catastrophic events throughout the United States.  

Tanya Morrison is a subject matter expert in regards to Townhome/Condominium policies.  She is proficient in assisting Unit Owners and Association’s throughout the claims process from claim initiation, interpreting individual policy and association documentation, and claims settlement. 

Tanya’s greatest strength and attribute is her customer service.  Her communication and attention to detail allows her to stay in front of the customer’s needs.

Spencer Shaw

ICC Class B General Contractor

Spencer is CCMG’s ICC Class B general contractor who oversees all construction related activities.  Spencer started his career after graduating from the University of Colorado with a large Colorado based GC overseeing municipal and commercial construction.  As CCMG’s director of construction activities Spencer has direct oversight with all subcontractors, designers, engineers and architects.  As a retired professional snowboarder, Spencer loves the Colorado mountain scene and activities