Sienna Park

Current Restoration Schedule

Storage container and equipment will be delivered starting June 12th.

Port-a-Potty delivery June 13-14

Roofing Materials will begin being delivered June 14th for buildings 1-4 on the map

Please keep the interior parking spots clear starting 6/12/2024 at 8am.

Reroofing construction will begin June 17, 2024.

Please click on the map link below to see a general flow of construction work throughout your community.


Building 1-4 re-roofing will begin June 17th and are scheduled to be completed within 3 days.

Important Notices

No parking in the interior spots starting June 12th at 8am.

The construction map and a full community letter will be posted here by June 12, 2024.

Notice: When emailing CCMG please include your unit number in the subject section of the email.


In general, please follow this communication tree starting at the top and working down