Current Restoration Schedule

The full schedule is below in the SCHEDULE link.
In general, we will be re-roofing two buildings at a time, taking 3-days per group of two.

Project staging and supply delivery – 3/27/2023


Building 6
completed on 4/6/2023

Building 5 
Roofing 4/10/2023 through 4/11/2023

Building 7
Roofing 4/12/2023 through 4/13/2023


Garages 1, 2, 3
Roofing 4/14/2023

Garages 4, 5, 6
Roofing 4/17/2023

Important Notices

No current Notices

Notice: When emailing CCMG please include your unit number in the subject section of the email.


In general, please follow this communication tree starting at the top and working down if you need to get ahold of the project managers.

Kendra – Bone Dry Site Supervisor

Ulises – Bone Dry Site Supervisor

Josh Reeths – Bone Dry Roofing superintendent.

Evan Daugherty-Bone Dry Roofing Project Manager
(303) 332-8164

Spencer Shaw- CCMG General Contractor
(860) 733-3435

Scott Benglen-CCMG Partner
(303) 596-6043